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Each website design project we take on is treated with the upmost care, and is embedded in our value of paying attention to detail. Through our knowledge of information, we leave no rocks unturned and seek out every possibility to paint the perfect picture of your vision. As websites and social media technology has often become our business societies first point of contact with our customers, websites that appear out-of-date are commonly found to weaken a brands image, and consumers will just leave that particular site. Our mission is to create an environment where your visitors will want to come back time after time, while remaining in awe of your interest in remaining cutting edge in your marketplace.

To allow for us to create the perfect website for your personal brand and/or company, please take a few minutes to simply fill out the questionnaire below. This will provide us with the very details of understanding your overall brand vision, and the impact you are looking to achieve.

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[contact-field label=”1. Why do you want to have a new website, or have your current site redesigned?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”2. What will happen if you don’t have a new website, or have your current site redesigned?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”3. Please describe your organization in a few sentences.” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”4. What is there about you and your background that sets you apart for a special (niche) group of potential customers?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”5. What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”6. How can your particular work background help prospects, compared to others in your industry? What’s special about your work experience?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”7. Why do you believe site visitors should do business with you rather than with a competitor?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”8. Do you have a slogan or tagline that clearly describes what you offer in terms of benefits or features? If so, please state here:” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”9. Please describe your potential customers. Pay special attention to their income, interests, gender, age, even type of computer they use, e.g., old with dialup account or newer with hi-speed internet. If your website is a business-to-business site, what sort of companies are you hoping to attract?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”10. What is your budget for this project?” type=”text”/]

[contact-field label=”11. Who are the decision makers on this project? What is the turnaround time for making a decision?e” type=”text” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”12. What staff will be involved? What are their roles? Is there a webmaster on your staff?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”13. What is your deadline for completing the site?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”14. Please list the names of five other sites that you like. Why are they attractive to you?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”15. Have you researched your online competition so you have an idea of what you do and don’t want on your site?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”16. What do you NOT want on your site in terms of text, content, etc.?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”17. Where is the website content coming from? Who’s responsible for updating it? Is it ready for use on your website?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”18. How many pages do you project you will need created? (i.e About Us, Portfolio, Product/Services, F.A.Q, etc).” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”19. Do you have a logo?” type=”text” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”20. Are you planning to do online sales? If so, what is the product, and how many items do you want to sell online?” type=”text” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”21. If you’re planning to sell online, are you set up to accept credit cards?” type=”text” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”22. How much time will you be able to spend online, responding to inquiries that come in via your website? Once a day? Several hours a day?” type=”text” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”23. If you were using a search engine, what words or phrases would you use to find your site? Which of these words or phrases is most important? Second? Third?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”24. Other than what search engines will produce, what methods do you have in mind to spread the word about your website?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”25. Once your website is completed, how long do you think it will be before you begin bringing in significant business from the website?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”25. How do you plan to encourage repeat visitors and referrals?” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]

[contact-field label=”26. Please provide any additional information, questions, and/or comments that you have in mind.” type=”textarea” required=”false” /]



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Derrick Wombacher : U.S Marine

I just want you to know that you motivate me with the information you share . . . thank you.

.: Derrick Wombacher


Brian Adder : Musician/Artist

The Mastermind Collective has something I didn’t know I was looking for. The web space offers this organic growth from things I’m already interested in, to introductions to things I didn’t know I was missing. I feel informed and empowered.

.: Adder


Web Design - The Mastermind Collective



Julianna Ramirez : Young Entrepreneur [Gano Excel]

You really made an impact in my life and way of thinking . . .

.: Julianna Ramirez


Mikal Laster : Dubkidz Clothing

Coincidentally, My First name is spelled the same as Mikal Pradia’s, and to be honest that is a major part of the reason why I had decided to network with him. When I had first spoken to him, I never anticipated I could learn so much from him, nor did I think he would help me out like he did. Mikal Pradia has helped me and my company in a lot of ways. When I first officially launched Dubkidz, he gave me an interview on his website which gave me a lot of boost, and more credibility. He also gave me lots of great guidance and business tips like how to appear more professional, and be more forward thinking in the business world. I can confidentially say that he is a really exceptional person to work with, and one of the most intelligent and professional people I have met throughout my career.”

.: Mikal Laster

The Young Masterminds Contributors


Jenn Rizk : CEO/D.E.S.I.R.E

If you are looking for someone to begin constructing a REALITY out of a VISION,then I recommend going to one of the best in the nation “YoungMasterMinds”. This company provided guidance with establishing how to launch off the fundamental structure of my women’s Social support Organization named D.E.S.I.R.E. He intentively listened & collected the appropriate information in order to provide beneficial resources and created a strategy and marketing plan that accomodated the specific needs of my company and goals. I will continue to untilize YoungMasterMinds services with the expantion of my company. I look forward to a continued and succesful business relationship with YoungMasterMinds. I appreciate the dedicated and reliable time and effort!

.: Jenn Rizk


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