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Earned media is the most valuable web traffic. We help you leverage social analytics to optimize campaign and advertising efforts that drive others to share your content:

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Social Analytics

[staff name=”REFERRERS. INFLUENCERS. CONTENT.” position=”” img=””] The Mastermind Collective helps you obtain visibility to content that gets shared the most, enabling a level of insight beyond traditional web analytics. [/staff] [spacer size=”20″] [clear] [staff name=”DELIVERABLES” position=”” img=”×298.png”] Dashboard analytics reporting. [/staff] [spacer size=”20″] [clear]

[staff name=”KEY BENEFIT” position=”” img=””] Ability to more effectively target advertising, word of mouth outreach and content development.[/staff] [spacer size=”20″] [staff name=”RELATED RESOURCES” position=”” img=””]

» Get To Know Who Shares

» Your Brand’s Social Graph


Community Tracking

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[staff name=”TRACKING. GROUPING. MAPPING.” position=”” img=””] The Mastermind Collective assists you in understanding how any given conversation is received and shared among different communities. [/staff] [spacer size=”20″] [clear] [staff name=”DELIVERABLES” position=”” img=””] Mapping that segments conversations within pre-defined communities. [/staff] [spacer size=”20″] [clear]

[staff name=”KEY BENEFIT” position=”” img=””] Strategic insight from how messaging spreads and resonates across communities with differing values.[/staff] [spacer size=”20″]

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