Jenn Rizk | CEO / Psychotherapist

If you are looking for someone to begin constructing a REALITY out of a VISION, then I recommend going to one of the best in the nation, The Mastermind Collective. This company provided guidance with establishing how to launch off the fundamental structure of my women’s social support organization named, D.E.S.I.R.E. The team listened attentively & collected the appropriate information in order to provide beneficial resources and created a strategy and marketing plan that accommodated the specific needs of my company and goals. I will continue to utilize The Mastermind Collective’s services with the expansion of my company. I look forward to a continued and successful business relationship with The Mastermind Collective. I appreciate the dedicated and reliable time and effort!

.: Jenn Rizk


Derrick Wombacher | U.S Marine

I just want you to know that you motivate me with the stuff you share . . . thank you.

.: Derrick Wombacher

Brian Adder : Musician/Artist

The Mastermind Collective has something I didn’t know I was looking for. The web space offers this organic growth from things I’m already interested in, to introductions to things I didn’t know I was missing. I feel informed and empowered.

.: Adder



Julianna Ramirez | Entrepreneur

You really made an impact in my life and way of thinking . . .

.: Julianna Ramirez

Mikal Laster : DUBKIDZ Clothing

Coincidentally, my first name is spelled the same as Mikal Pradia’s, and to be honest that is a major part of the reason why I had decided to network with him. When I had first spoken to him, I never anticipated I could learn so much from him, nor did I think he would help me out like he did. Mikal Pradia has helped me and my company in a lot of ways. When I first officially launched Dubkidz, he gave me an interview on his website which gave me a lot of boost, and more credibility. He also gave me lots of great guidance and business tips like how to appear more professional, and be more forward thinking in the business world. I can confidentially say that he is a really exceptional person to work with, and one of the most intelligent and professional people I have met throughout my career.”

.: Mikal Laster

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