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We believe that every individual is a highly intelligent person, especially one who plans and directs a complex or difficult project. As each team member brings to the table knowledge, wisdom, creativity, unique skill sets, talents, and abilities, the contributions that each mastermind delivers to each project is recognized within the inseams of our productivity.

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Mikal Pradia : Chief Mastermind Operator 
“To inspire, empower, and motivate millions of individuals to follow their passions, dreams, and goals in life no matter what obstacles, levels of fear and reasons of doubt that may present themselves along their journey,” is Mikal Pradia’s core value. The visionary and creator behind The Mastermind Collective, Mikal Pradia works collaboratively with a team of like-minded individuals, partners, and mentors to stay focused towards fulfilling this mission.

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Mikki Greene : Chief Relations Mastermind
“It takes a village,” is Mikki Greene’s motto. What creates lasting relationships for individuals and businesses to grow and reach new heights is when they are built on rocks, and not on sand. Mikki’s big heart and desire to leave a lasting impact in the lives of those she comes into contact with is what fuels her, and is the very reason she leads The Mastermind Collective’s community outreach.

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Iman Ar-Rahim : Chief Project Mastermind 
“Time is of the essence,” when it comes down to our personal and business lives. Iman Ar-Rahim plays a vital role in The Mastermind Collective’s productivity by ensuring that each project The Mastermind Collective takes on is well planned and executed in a timely fashion.

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Danya Milbes : Chief Operations Mastermind 
“Strong Partnerships, Sustainability & Growth,” are three keys to maintaing a successful organization. Danya Milbes is responsible for the day-to-day running each sector of our business model. In addition to establishing procedures and processes to ensure smooth functioning, Danya delivers timely operational information and assistance to the Chief Mastermind Operator (CMO).

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Sam Mason :  Chief Account Mastermind
“It’s not about who you know, but who knows you.” With his genuine personality, and keen interest in getting to know our clients beyond your traditional business relationship is one of Sam Mason’s strong passions and noteworthy characteristics. Sam Mason is the type of individual who goes beyond the extra mile to ensure that everyone and everything is well taken care of no matter the circumstances.

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