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Website Design

The Mastermind Collective focuses its efforts in delivering eye-catching and awe-inspiring website layouts that will leave a lasting impression in the mind of every visitor. With the search engines acting as today’s version of the Yellow Pages, your online presence and exposure is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage. For many businesses and industries, their website is their single most important marketing tool.

The Mastermind Collective provides web design services and solutions to businesses across the world. As a leading web design company, we focus on merging innovative ideas and custom web page design to achieve the most effective online results at the most affordable rates.

Our team offers tremendous personal attention to each of our clients, regardless of how large or small the project.


E-Commerce Solutions

Dream Builder : Our Dream Builder package is our entry level e-commerce package, which includes everything we have to offer in our packages. The Dream Builder is best suited for small businesses and individuals who are looking to sell their products or services online and their number of products are limited.

Carpe Diem! : Our Carpe Diem package is our premium level e-commerce package, which is best suited for small businesses and individuals who have large number and wide variety of products that need to maintained.


Promotional Marketing Materials

The Mastermind Collective works collaboratively with each of our clients in turning their vision for logo creation, fliers, business cards, communicating marketing messages, brochures, etc. into a reality.

Motivational Seminar

Live Events

Through the Get In Gear Now! Experience, we host live events including motivational seminars, workshops, and a 12-week Mastermind Academy. Let's Collaborate! Contact Us Today!

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Motivational Speakers

Need motivational speakers for your next event? Book TMC's next generation of legendary motivational speakers.



Through The Mastermind Collective's "Get In Gear Now! Experience," we provide mentoring to our future leaders of tomorrow in order to help them grow personally, professionally, and financially as the pursue living a life of passion, while pursuing their dreams and accomplishing their goals.


Live the Dream Magazine

Live the Dream magazine delivers strategies and lifestyle interest catered to those who desire to Live the Dream.