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Why The Gold Refinery?

The Mastermind Collective believes whole heartedly in uplifting individuals and/or businesses from their current economic situation. Whether they are in poor to great standing financially, creating a win-win situation for both parties

About The Gold Refinery

The Gold Refinery is a fully licensed, family run business and America’s pioneer in professionally organized and operated gold parties and fundraisers. We currently operate nationwide, Mexico and in Canada and are rapidly expanding.

The Gold Refinery deals only in high volume, which allows us to purchase gold at higher prices than jewelry stores or pawn shops. All gold is shipped directly to the refiner, melted and sold to various investors and institutions.

Our mission is to expand across the United States and even into the smallest towns where the economic downturn has impacted lives particularly hard. Gold is at an all-time high and most people could use the extra cash that their unwanted gold can provide. Also, with our unique event format that compensates both the host and the co-host respectively, even those who don’t have gold to sell can still host a party or refer others to host parties and get paid for doing so.

Gold Parties & the One Fundraiser Where Everyone Wins

The Gold Refinery offers organizations of all types and sizes an excellent opportunity to raise money. Schools, churches, hospitals, non-profits and philanthropic organizations of any kind can invite their employees, donors and potential donors to their event and offer the opportunity for them to sell their unwanted gold, while contributing to your cause. Our professionally trained and knowledgeable gold testers will set-up a table at your event and will pay your employees and donors cash on the spot for their unwanted gold. Your organization will receive 10% of the total gold purchased at your event. It’s the one fundraiser where your guests actually make money while giving money.

The Only Fundraiser That Pays Your Guests and Donors

The Gold Refinery believes in giving back. That’s why we support the important fundraising efforts of just about any organization:

  • Employee Giving
  • Charities
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • YMCA, Boys & Girls Club
  • Hospitals
  • Holiday Parties

This event is simply and requires very little time on the part of the participants.  No matter how small or large, our professional, knowledgeable staff will attend your event. Just invite your employees, guests and donors to bring their unwanted gold and we will pay them cash on the spot.  Employees can collect baggies from their friends and family too.  And if a guest cannot participate onsite, no problem. They can simply drop off their gold baggies with someone attending your event.  We will phone them from the event and provide a quote before any purchases are transacted.  When authorized, we will fill their bag with cash for pick-up at any time.

Your organization will receive 10% of all gold purchased at the event toward your charity, plus an additional 5% from any parties that result from the original event. Book as many fundraisers as you want.  Everyone wins!

The Gold Refinery is the nation’s leading refinery broker and a fully licensed, bonded and insured organization dedicated to the highest standards of integrity, quality and professionalism. The Gold Refinery is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, and has received feedback and letters of reference from many institutions & organizations. The Gold Refinery is also a proud participant in the fight to cure Breast Cancer, donating $100,000 in 2011 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.


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