Entrepreneur Statistics

Small businesses are considered the backbone of America and are what many financial analysts predict will be the vehicle to drive us out of any financial downturn. A few small business stats (according to the SBA) that stick out to us:

–       There are 27+ Million Small Businesses in the US.

–       Between 60% & 80% of all new jobs created in our country can be attributed to Small Business.

An amazing infographic by Intuit that explores the costs of starting a new small business in the United States compared to other markets around the world. The graphic shows that starting a business in the US is relatively easy compared to the largest markets in Asia and a few places in Europe. It also seems that the survival rate of businesses in the US is much larger than any other region in the study. These numbers should go a long way towards small business optimism in comparison to our direct international competitors.

This infographic takes a look at Small Businesses’ contributions to economic activity state-by-state:

Intuit's smb inforgraphic

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