MC_Images_WEGive6“The Get In Gear Now! Experience was created and designed to inspire, empower, and motivate millions of individuals around the world to follow their passions, dreams, and goals in life. No matter what obstacles, levels of fear, and reasons of doubt that will present themselves along their journey.”

Our Get In Gear Now! Experience program, not only do offers live motivational speeches, but also 1-day workshops, and a 12-week Mastermind Academy, where we teach our future leaders 3 key areas not taught in our education system.

1 . : The Importance of Entrepreneurship in an Evolutionary Society.

2 . : The Science Behind Personal Development in order to reach the top of the Mountain of Success

3 . : Financial Literacy to help establish a stronger foundation for our future leaders of tomorrow.

We are able to achieve our mission by collaborating with community event organizers and participating in educational events, which range from  assemblies, college fairs, private club events, spiritual events, workshops, etc. Each event enables our next generation of motivational speakers with the platform for delivering life transformational words of wisdom that leaves attendees with an awe-inspiring and unforgettable experience. Our purpose is to touch the hearts of those who have been seeking to discover their own light at the end of the tunnel and a road that will help get them from where they are to where they want to be, which is ultimately a life of passion, while pursuing their dreams and accomplishing their goals.

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MC_Images_WEShareLive the Dream . : Live the Dream Magazine is our world-class publication that is respected among young professionals around the world. Our youthful appeal not only shares applicable knowledge, wisdom, strategies, and tips for our future leaders to grow in their personal, professional, and financial lives, but we also deliver the latest in: 

Art / Entertainment / Music / Fashion / Lifestyle / Health & Nutrition / Tech Innovation / Cars / Travel & MORE!

As the media and internet has open our eyes to an abundance of opportunity that lies right in the palm of our hands, Live the Dream Magazine provides our readers with the opportunity to transport themselves into a world of new visions and endless possibilities of achievement right at the touch of their fingertips. The possibilities of being able to live life of luxury. The luxury of having the freedom of time, energy, and money all on their side; The time to do the things they want when they want to do it with those they love. The energy to perform at their very best every single day, and the financial freedom to provide for the lifestyle of their dreams. Click Here to Live the Dream

GanoLife Enriched Coffee . : As our society is becoming a lot more health conscious more than ever before, The Mastermind Collective recognizes an emerging trend that is going to reshape how individuals to choose to kick off their morning and wind-down their evening. Through an enriched  cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate that is packed with life transformational health benefits, GanoLife’s vision is to empower people everywhere to live a life filled with health, abundance, and joy… to truly love each and every moment, and to share the recipe for a better life. Click Here to Learn More

MC_Images_WEDesign6Where passion lies is where you will find the genesis of genius” is our motto and we are sticking to it! Imagination and creativity is what fuels the soul, and enables each and every one of us to showcase our talent, skills, and abilities to the world, but not everyone has the capacity to quickly turn their visions into a reality. With over 20 years of developing an eye for effective and appealing design, The Mastermind Collective is your one-stop shop for all of your promotional marketing needs. Ranging from delivering websites, logos, flyers, business cards, brochures, and more, we are here to help you take the ideas circling around in your head and turn them into a tangible reality that you will be proud to showcase to the world.