. . . Where passion lies is where you will find the genesis of genius . . .
Web Services
Web services designed to attract your target audience.
In today’s day & age, the web is where a majority of individuals turn, in order to learn more about a specific company. Understanding the importance of a strong online presence, The Mastermind Collective employs a strategic mix of Design, and Internet Marketing to reach clients niche audience.  
Economic Recovery to Wealth
Financial abundance is available to everyone.
2008′s financial meltdown affected millions of individuals not only in the United States, but has since spread across the globe as well. The Mastermind Collective’s Economic Recovery to Wealth program has been created to deliver financial literacy to better equip individuals for future protection, and offer trusted business opportunities to fuel the lifestyle you desire.
Get In Gear Now
Get In Gear Now! & Make Life POP!
The Mastermind Collective’s main objective is to inspire, empower and motivate individuals to follow their passions, dreams, and goals in life, no matter what obstacles, levels of fear and reasons of doubt that present themselves along their journey. Our Get In Gear Now program has been created and designed to uplift individuals from where they are to where they want to be through workshops, professional speaking engagements, and personal coaching.
The Young Masterminds
The #1 Young Professional Magazine.
The Young Masterminds has been created and designed with the young professional in mind. Love what you do, and do what you love, so it’s obvious that it doesn’t hurt to mix business with pleasure these days. The Young Masterminds features applicable business strategies, accompanied with everyday lifestyle topics such as: World News, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Health/Nutrition.

Meet Our Team

Mikal Pradia : Chief Mastermind Operator
The visionary and creator behind The Mastermind Collective, Mikal Pradia works collaboratively with a team of like-minded individuals, partners, and mentors to stay focused towards fulfilling our mission of inspiring, empowering and motivating millions.

Mikki Greene : Chief Relations Mastermind
“It takes a village,” is Mikki Greene’s motto. What creates lasting relationships for individuals and businesses to grow and reach new heights is when they are built on rocks, and not on sand. Mikki’s big heart and desire to leave a lasting impact in the lives of those she comes into contact with is what fuels her, and is the very reason she leads The Mastermind Collective’s community outreach.

Iman Ar-Rahim : Chief Project Mastermind
“Time is of the essence,” when it comes down to our personal and business lives. Iman Ar-Rahim plays a vital role in The Mastermind Collective’s productivity by ensuring that each project The Mastermind Collective takes on is well planned and executed in a timely fashion.

Samuel Mason : Chief Strategic Mastermind
“It’s not about who you know, but who knows you.” With his genuine personality, and keen interest in getting to know our clients beyond your traditional business relationship is one of Sam Mason’s strong passions and noteworthy characteristics. Sam Mason is the type of individual who goes beyond the extra mile to ensure that everyone and everything is well taken care of no matter the circumstances.

Appointment Request

Ask a Mastermind . . .

I have never been in business for myself. What kind of business opportunity would you recommend for me to gain experience?

That’s a really good question. It really depends on the individual. We highly recommend pursuing a business venture that you will wake up passionate about . . . Read full answer

Could you suggest a good book with an entrepreneur in mind?

“When you’re not growing you’re dying,” is one of the best quotes everyone must apply to their daily lives. Your thirst first knowledge and personal development is the key to reaching your greatest potential in life. Here is a list of our favorite books (Some FREE) that we highly recommend . . . Read full answer

How long will it take for our website to be completed?

Project scopes vary depending on the specific needs of each client. From start to finish, “time is of the essence,” is our motto, and The Mastermind Collective works diligently on each individual project with a sense of urgency to ensure a speedy turn around time.  Read full answer

More Information

Why choose The Mastermind Collective?
Here’s why we are the partner of choice to help you turn your passions, dreams and ideas into a reality.

Team of Masterminds
Respect is earned and not given. We are here to open the door of opportunity  that will allow for us to build a lasting relationship with you, in turn earning your respect at the end of the day.  For starters, feel free to get to know the team that will be walking alongside you along your journey.

Useful Resources
Resources are your best friend. Here are some Useful Resources that could be of great benefit to you.

Career Opportunities
Our overall growth is looking good, and therefore . . .

Here are some great statistics that will help you solidify that you made the right choice to travel down the road of entrepreneurship.